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Every day technology advances more and more in all aspects of daily life. Almost everything is automated these days, from making coffee to a work meeting. With the same doors, Duc Khe Thong Acaudoor MS 51R Rolling Door  is a commercial product and is an automatic rolling door, in fact automatic opening and closing has been used and applied for some time. long.https://softhound.net/launchbox-premium/

Acaudoor MS 51R . Rolling Door

Acaudoor MS 51R . Rolling Door

Although in the luxury commercial segment in general, the change from manual doors to automatic doors is still limited due to the culture of each place and the owner’s preferences. Unlike shopping centers and showrooms, business areas, households tend to focus on technology, most of the establishments are automatic doors that open and close like the Acaudoor MS 51R German Rolling Door product. .

The practicality of the MS 51R Acaudoor rolling door is a strong point to completely change the traditional doors of the past. It is safer with an automatic rolling door, because it can be activated at an allowable distance, by simply clicking the remote to close or open. Along with new technology, the noise when opening and closing is significantly improved thanks to the damping gaskets.

Specifications of Duc Khe Thong Achaudoor MS 51R . Rolling Door

Product model MS 51R
Material, substance 6063 . aluminum alloy
Structure 2 pins and 2 screws
Color Gray color
Feature Super airy holes, damping seals
Technology German Technology
Noise level when opening and closing 25 / 48.5 dB (Very Quiet)
Installation parameters
Maximum size 36m2
Origin Vietnam – German technology
Production unit Achaudoor
Thickness The hook is 1.4 mm thick, the bearing foot is 1.8 mm thick (+- 6%)
Powder Coating Akazo Nobel
Hole shape Oval
Paint color warranty period 5 years
Used electricity 220VAC/50Hz or 380VAC/50Hz

Acchaudoor MS 51R . German Rolling Door Price

This unit price is provided by Acaudoor – a unit specializing in rolling doors. We have products for every unit price, with products for every size.

Unit price MS 51R 1,520,000 VND/m2

What are the benefits of Duc Khe Thong Achaudoor MS 51R Rolling Door?

– Enhanced security.
– The price of German rolling door MS 51R helps to optimize large costs.
– Suitable for small spaces.
– Attractive and modern facade.
– Highly practical and comfortable, enhancing the experience.
– Protection combined with ventilation and natural light creeping through each opening designed on MS 51R spokes.
– High performance and powerful

German technology rolling door MS 51R with powerful rolling motor

MS 51R door is equipped with a quality motor, with a service life of up to 5 years, the motor is activated via remote control, is operated with single phase voltage / 220V, or 3 phase/380VAC. Each door product has a specific recommended motor at an affordable cost.

Achaudoor MS 51R . Duc Khe Thong Rolling Door

Achaudoor MS 51R . Duc Khe Thong Rolling Door

Safety and Durability of MS 51R Acaudoor

The automatic MS 51R Acaudoor rolling door can be manufactured in a variety of sizes for commercial, residential and industrial environments, serving the entire market.

Each line of automatic roller doors is manufactured to supply and protect the interior of the place where it is installed, resulting in an optimal cost-benefit ratio, as they are highly durable.

Automatic rolling doors are aluminum alloy (powder coating against dust), stainless steel or aluminum, here MS 51R is manufactured with the raw material of aluminum mixed with some other components (1%) and can Used inside and outside in stores.

See more products with wider openings than 51R at: https://achaudoor.com/cua-cuon-duc-khe-thoang-achaudoor-ms-52r/

Asia Door reputable brand choose to buy genuine German MS 51R rolling door

Acaudoor uses imported goods in the production of German aluminum rolling shutters, produces products for doors and advanced systems, products with a longer lifespan than those floating on the market. With the advantages of low maintenance and affordable cost, whether home, shop or industry is easily accessible.

Acchaudoor MS 51R

Acchaudoor MS 51R

Với hoạt động trong phân khúc sản xuất cửa cuốn tự động 09 năm trong ngành, công ty có các thiết bị cần thiết để đáp ứng nhu cầu thị trường, và cung cấp các sản phẩm chất lượng cao trong thời gian giao hàng ngắn.

Always available 24/24 in the sale and delivery of additional installation services throughout Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. All rolling door products are fully guaranteed to function with the highest quality. Complete line of attachments and automatic motors for automatic rolling doors of various sizes.

The company is an agent of aluminum materials that are well known around the world such as xingfa, we import the raw materials and carry out the installation, to the delivery of our finished products under the name of the door. the book of the Achaudoor.
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Address: 81 Ly Thuong Kiet, TT. Hoc Mon, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Phone: 0909 493 825 – 0932 991 660
Email: cucuonachau@gmail.com.
Website: https://achaudoor.com/

Catalog of Asian rolling doors - achaudoor

Asia Rolling Door Catalog – Acaudoor

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